Churches of Amherst

Name of ChurchYear FormedNotes
Amherst Church of Christ
591 Washington St
Amherst OH 44001
????Not surveyed
Amherst Living Faith Church of the Nazarine
210 Cooper Foster Park Rd
Amherst OH 44001
????Not surveyed
Amherst Park Ave United Methodist Church
Park Ave & Spring St.
Amherst OH 44001
????Not surveyed
Brownhelm Congregational United Church of Christ
2144 / 2311 North Ridge Rd
Vermilion OH 44089-3520
????The general register for 1817-1913 has been transcribed; It does not have marriages, but it does contain some early baptisms (many without dates) and deaths throughout. There is a great deal of information of where one transferred into the church from and where they removed to.
Church of God 7th Day
Amherst OH 44001
????Not surveyed
Everspring Baptist
Baumhart & Middle Ridge Rd
Amherst OH 44001
????Not surveyed
Faith Baptist Church
440 N Lake St
Amherst OH 44001
????Not surveyed
Congregational United Church of Christ
379 South Main Ave
Amherst OH 44001
1880Formerly: Congregational Church; Second Congregational Church; Membership records
Foursquare Gospel Church
PO Box 146
Amherst OH 44001
1935Minute books in church office
Good Shepherd Baptist Church
1199 Cleveland Ave
Amherst OH 44001
1960Formerly: Southern Baptist; Leavitt Rd Baptist; Amherst Baptist Church; Baptism records from 1960; Marriage records from 1980; Membership lists from 1960
Henrietta United Methodist Church
52148 SR 113 (Edison Hwy)
????Not surveyed
Lorain Community Foursquare Church
49204 North Ridge Rd
Amherst OH 44001
????Not surveyed
Nativity Church - South Amherst
333 S Lake St
Amherst OH 44001
????Not surveyed
North Lake Missionary Baptist Church
323 N Lake St
Amherst OH 44001
????Not surveyed
Oak Grove MissionaryBaptist Church
9457 Baumhart Rd
Amherst OH 44001
????Not surveyed
Old Fashion Grace Baptist Church
Parsonage, 502 W Main St
Amherst OH 44001
????Not surveyed
Old Stone United Methodist Church
553 South Main St
Amherst OH 44001
1836Formerly: Salem Church of the Evangelical Assoc.; Baptismal, Confirmation, Marriage and Burial records from 1887. Membership lists and Minute books.
St Johns & Henrietta United Church of Christ
415 Leonard St
Amherst OH 44001
Parsonage: 440-986-2301
????Not surveyed
St Joseph Catholic Church
200 St Joseph Dr
Amherst OH 44001
440-988-2848 (rectory)
????Not surveyed; website:
St Paul Lutheran Church
115 Central Drive
Amherst OH 44001
1875Formerly: St Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church; Baptism, communion, confirmation marriage, burial, membership records and minute books from 1875.
St Peter's United Church of Christ
582 Church St
Amherst OH 44002-2200
1857Formerly: St Peter's Evangelical & Reformed; German United Evangelical St Peter's; Baptism, communion, confirmation, marriage, burial membership records and minute books from 1858; website:
Westminister Presbyterian
515 N Leavitt Rd
Amherst OH 44001
????Not surveyed

Churches of Avon

Name of ChurchYear FormedNotes
Avon Church of God
37445 Detroit Rd
Avon OH 44001
????Declined interview for survey
Avon United Methodist Church
37711 Detroit Rd
1843Baptism, marriage, burial, communion, confirmation, membership recordsand minute books from 1900. Earliest records believed burned with church.
Christian Heritage Assembly of God
36080 Chester Road
Avon OH 44011
1978Baptism, marriage records and minute
Freedom Chapel
2575 Stoney Ridge Rd
PO Box 205
Avon OH 44011
1817Formerly Avon Baptist Church (G.A.R.B.)Marriage records from Apr 1985. Minute books and membership transfer records from 1849. Church history publishes 1978.
Faith Lutheran Church
Garden and Lakeland Drive
Avon OH 44011
1961Baptism, marriage, burial, communion, confirmation, membership records from 1961.
Holy Trinity Catholic Church
33601 Detroit Rd
Avon OH 44011
1833Baptism records from Sep 1847. Marriage records from Jul 1851. Death records. Confirmations from 1919. Communions from May 1899. Burial records at Cleveland Diocese Catholic Cemeteries Assoc. P.O. Box 605310, Cleveland OH 44105
St Clement of Ohrid Macedonian Orthodox Church
38665 French Creek Rd
Avon OH 44011
1979Baptism, marriage, burial and membership records from 1985. Columbus church has the records from 1979.
St Mary Immaculate Conception
2640 Stoney Ridge Rd
Avon OH 44011
1841Formerly Marienkirche (Church of Mary); Baptism 1844-1900, Marriage 1850-1903, Burial 1885-1902, Communion and Confirmation 1879-1902 are at Cleveland Diocesan Archives. Balance of records at church.

Churches of Avon Lake

Name of ChurchYear FormedNotes
Avon Lake Baptist Church
321 Lear Rd
Avon Lake OH 44012
1970Baptism from 1988, marriage from 1984. Membership list and minute books from mid 1971.
Avon Lake Presbyterian Church
32340 Electric Blvd
Avon Lake OH 44012
1954Formerly The United Presbyterian Church in Avon Lake; Baptism, marriage, burial, confirmation, membership records from 1954, Session and Deacon minute books.
Avon Lake United Church of Christ
32801 Electric Blvd
Avon Lake OH 44012
1896Formerly Methodist Episcopal 1896; Congregational 1926-1967; Baptism past 10 yrs. Marriage, burial, confirmation past 50 yrs. Intermittent membership records.
Calvary Baptist Church
32607 Electric Blvd
Avon Lake OH 44012
1955Membership role book from 1956, contains some baptism records.
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church
32747 Lake Rd
Avon Lake OH 44012
1948Formerly Avon Lake Lutheran Church; Records from 1948 to 1985 are incomplete. Baptism, marriage, funeral, confirmation, membership records and minute books from 1986.
First Church of Christian Science
31847 Lake Rd
Avon Lake OH 44012
????Not surveyed
Holy Spirit Parish
410 Lear Rd
Avon Lake OH 44012
1965Baptism, marriage, burial, communion from 1965. Confirmation from Mar 1969. Minute books from 1965 for Holy Name Society, Ladies Guild and Ushers Club/
Jehovah's Witnesses
388 Avon Beldon Rd
Avon Lake, OH 44012
440-933-9619 or 933-2877
????Not surveyed
Lake Shore United Methodist Church
33119 Electric Blvd
Avon Lake, Ohio 44012
Pastor: Nancy Manner
1956Baptism, marriage, funeral, confirmation,communion records since 1956
United Presbyterian Church Avon Lake
32340 Electric Blvd
Avon Lake, OH 44012
????Not surveyed
St Joseph's Catholic Church
32929 Lake Rd
Avon Lake, Oh 44012
1949Baptism, marriage, funeral, confirmation,communion records since 1949.

Churches of Belden, Brighton, and Columbia Station

Name of ChurchYear FormedNotes
Belden United Methodist Church
361 SR 303
Belden, OH 44044
????Not surveyed
Brighton Congregational Church
22086 RT 511
Wellington, OH 44090
????Not surveyed
Brighton United Methodist Church
51011 SR 18
Wellington, OH 44090
????Not surveyed
Columbia Baptist Church
25514 Royalton Rd
Columbia Station, OH 44028
????Not surveyed; Old Postcard of the church
Columbia Church of God
11388 Root Rd
Columbia Station, OH 44028
????Not surveyed
Columbia United Methodist Church
25453 Royalton Rd
Columbia Station, OH 44028
????Not surveyed; Church History
Hosanna Lutheran Church,Missouri Synod
13485 West River Rd
Columbia Station, OH 44028
1974Records include Baptism, confirmation, marriage, death, and membership from Jan 1974 to present; communion from Nov 1995.
St Elizabeth Ann Seton
25801 Royalton Rd
Columbia Station, OH 44028
????Not surveyed
Westview Wesleyan Church
11149 West River Rd
Columbia Station, OH 44028
????Not surveyed

Churches of Grafton

Name of ChurchYear FormedNotes
Our Lady Queen of Peace
1033 Elm St
Grafton, OH 44044
1894Known as The Polish Church or Assumption; Church of the BVM. Merged with Immaculate Conception Parish, Grafton to become Our Lady Queen of Peace. Baptism. marriage, burial, communion and confirmation records from 1894.
Belden United Methodist Church
36130 SR 303
Grafton, OH 44044
18??Formerly Methodist Episcopal Church. Baptism from 1950, marriage 1965-1968 and 1988 to present, membership list since 1944 (also 1906) and incomplete minutes.
Berean Grace Fellowship
12365 Grafton Rd
Grafton, OH 44044
1983Marriage, baptism, confirmation, communion,membership records and minute books from 1983.
Church of Christ
1173 Elm St
Grafton, OH 44044
????Christening and marriage from 1991, minute books from 1980.
Grafton Baptist Church
12981 Grafton Rd (RT 57)
Grafton, OH 44044
1965Formerly Southern Baptist Church. Baptism from 1980 (maybe earlier), membership records from 1965.
Grafton United Methodist Church
973 Mechanic St
Grafton, OH 44044
1871Formerly Methodist Church of Rawsonville. Baptisms from 1913. Marriage, burial, confirmation and membership records available. Minute books for 1949-1958 and 1964-1972.
Immaculate Conception Church
708 Erie St
Grafton, OH 44044
1840Formerly St John's of the Cross 1835-1862. Closed 2009, merged with Assumption Catholic Church on Elm St, Grafton to form Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish. Baptism, marriage, burial, communion, confirmation records from 1841. Minute books from 1950
LaPorte United Methodist Church
2071 Grafton Rd
Elyria, OH 44035
1825Formerly LaPorte Methodist Episcopal, LaPorte Methodist. Baptism, marriage records from late 1800's. Membership lists 1830-1845, 1900's mostly complete.
Midview Baptist Church
36710 W Royalton Rd
Grafton, OH 44044
1955Baptisms, membership lists and Minute books from 1956.
Midview Church of the Nazarine
37425 Royalton Rd
Grafton, OH 44044
1958Births, deaths, membership records and minute books from 1958.
Mount Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church
3988 Parsons Rd
Grafton, OH 44044
1963Baptism, burial, and membership records since 1963.
Trinity Lutheran Church
38307 W Royalton Rd
Grafton, OH 44044
1955Baptism, marriage, death, communion, confirmation, membership records and minute books since 1955.

Churches of Kipton and LaGrange

Name of ChurchYear FormedNotes
First Baptist Church of LaGrange
Corner of Liberty and Church
LaGrange, OH 44050
????Not surveyed
LaGrange United Methodist Church
105 W Main St
LaGrange, OH 44050
????Not surveyed


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