Below are the members of the Settlers of Lorain County. If you find you have common ancestors, please contact the chapter for instructions on how to contact the submitters listed with their ancestors.

File No. Inductee Year Settler
1 Nancy Lawson 2004 Maud Evelyn "Eve" Dixon
2 Ralph Cheney 2004 Charles E. Cheney
Martha Halon Stickney Cheney
Julia Goldsmith Stickney
3 Margaret Lance Cheney 2004 Thomas Wallington, Henry L. Pfeiffer
Charles William Pfeiffer
James S. Cheney
Catherine Cheney Isenhart
Jennifer M. Cheney
2004 Charles E. Cheney
Martha Halon Stickney Cheney
Julia Goldsmith Stickney
Thomas Wallington
Henry L. Pfeiffer
Charles William Pfeiffer
7 Marilyn J. Miller Law 2004
Adadetres Mueller / Miller
William Miller
John Wilhelm Grote
Anna / Amelia (Sabiers) Grote
Rosa / Rose Emilie (Grote) Miller
8 Pamela M. Casper Rihel 2004
Joseph Casper
Mary Ann Sehl Casper
Peter Casper
Rose / Rosalie Alten
9 Leah Werner Grieve 2005 Charles W. Pfeiffer
Henry L. Pfeiffer
10 Dixie Asmus Oakes 2005 Mason E. Nichols
Arthur W. Nuchols
Nettie Nichols
Elizabeth Cousins Nichols
Joanne Mead Nichols
Anson Squires
Constance Jenkins Kubuske
Donald LeRoy Jenkins
2005 Adney Jenkins
William Armstrong
Eunice Gibson
13 Norma Werner Kraps 2005 Charles William Pfeiffer
Henry L. Pfeiffer
14 Matthew John Smith 2005 John Sullivan
Ellen Donovan
Anna Jane Sullivan
Simon Schwartz
15 Phyllis Young 2006 Avery Fisher
Eliza Barnes,
Clarence Fisher
Jessie Sheldon
16 Peter Stroth 2006
John Kruger
Friederike E Zingleman
Wilhemine Friederike Kruger
John Koepke
Jean Wallace Copeland
Natalie Ann Copeland
Thomas Douglas Copeland
Michael Roy Copeland
2006 Michael Wallace
Michael Henry Wallace
Mary T Butler Wallace
Jennifer Ruth Jenkins Pulsipher
Donald LeRoy Jenkins Jr
Michael Anthony Jenkins
Jeffery Allen Jenkins
Timothy John Jenkins
(See #17)
2006 Adney Jenkins
William Armstrong
Eunice Gibson
Jacob Andrew Isenhart
Hannah Rose Isenhart
Cora Elizabeth Isenhart
Emily Morgan Isenhart
Benjamin Tyler Isenhart
Joshua Bradon Wright
Jessica Marie Wright
Julia Margaret Wright
(See #17)
2006 Charles E Cheney
Martha Halon Stickney Cheney
Julia Margaret Goldsmith Stickney
Thomas Wallington
Charles William Pfeiffer
Henry L Pfeiffer
34 Laurie Bryant 2006 Frank P Hill
Mary L Byington
James M Worthington
Helen Waterman
Albert Platt Worthington
35 John Dunn 2006 William Jaeger
Mary Ackerman
Anna Catherine Abel
Martin Ackerman
Mary (Marie) Elizabeth Bachman,
Anna Christina Gonnerman
36 Patricia Daly-Zake 2006 Mary Agen/Egan
37 David D. Applebee 2007 William Klooz
Henry Carl Zacharias
Anna Dora Thamert
Louise Zacharias
38 Peter Hritsko 2007 Frank D. Hayden
Anna Mae Miller
Magdeline Neff
Mathias Miller
39 Les Kramer 2008 Abram B. Hines
Maria Fanny McRoberts
Chelice William Hines
Charlotte Annie Drage
Lydia Hope Hines
40 Samuel V. Schmitz 2010 John Peter Schmitz
Gertrude Kalsch
41 Janis Constance Clark Sims 2010 Andrew Clark
Herbert Humiston
James Myron Merrill
Evelyn Theresa Freeman
42 Kay Kelling Owen 2012 Wallace O McDowell
Ettie M Lambert
Robert Lambert
Maria Hutchens
John Koob
Melchior Koob
Elizabeth Gaerdner
43 David Arnold Brant 2012 Anna Marie Stauder
Laurenz Krebs
44 Larry Diederich 2012 Henry Soules
Walter Soules
Samantha Laborie
Phebe Stanard
John Leimbach
Sophia Lapp
Henry Leimbach
Anthony Laborie
Laura Darrow


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