Letter To H H Blanchett of Avon regarding his son, Charles
Submitted by: Margaret Cheney, transcribed from the original handwritten letter. (see below)

Segt Ephraim E. Brown
Campbell Hospital
Washington D.C.
Ward 3

Yours in haste from

Sergt E.E. Brown
to: Mr. H. H. Blanchett
Lorain, Ohio

Campbell Hospital
Washington D.C.
Sept 15th, 1864

Mr. H. H. Blanchett
Dear Sir,
   I now take the responsibility on my hands of writing to you a few lines in regard to your son, Charles E.
Blanchett who entered this hospital on the 7th of this month with the Typho Malerial Fever and has been
running down all the time. Today makes six days that he has been out of his head. I don’t know that he
has been in his right mind in 5 days and nights and as our Wardmast is busy the most of the time and no
one else would do it, I thought it my duty to take it in hand thinking you would be wonnering about him
and not know where he is. I am a patient in this hospital and ward and just recovering from a wound that
I received at Spoterloamia. We all have good care in this hospital and good diet but he doesn’t eat any
thing. He will take a turn one way or the other now before long. I guess the Doctor thinks he will recover
and get well, but it is to be doubted. I will give you directions so you can come and find us if you should
want if ____ I will give you my address so you can write or _____ can’t find out from the _____________.
If you have ____ now. Mr. Blanchett I dont look of any thing more to whrite. I have written to you just as
I would to anyowns parents about a Brother of my own. If the is any such thing as _____ he will be _________ for
we have good and skilful surgeons.
   If you should come to see him take the streetcars on the O.v.ave come to the corner of Seventh St and
O.V. Ave then change street cars come north from the ave and they will bring you clear up to the hospital.
   I will close by so enclosing my regards and well wishes for your dear son, Charles. for further ____________ direct.


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