103rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Company A

Mustered in September 8, 1862 Camp Cleveland, Ohio, by A.S. Burt, 1st Lieutenant 18th Infantry, U.S.A. Mustered out June 12, 1865, at Raleigh, N.C., by E.A. Folsom, Captain and A.C.M.


Isaac C. VailCaptainNorris P. StockwellCaptain
Dudley A. Kimball1st LieutFranklin B. Smith1st Lieut.
James Allen1st Lieut.Dewitt C. Hotchkiss2nd Lieut.
James M. McWilliams2nd Lieut.Michael Duncan1st Sergt.
James D. Markell1st SergtCharles SumnerSergeant
Elias L. BradleySergeantCharles O. RobertsSergeant
William RossSergeantDaniel LangelSergeant
Ira HendersonSergeantSolomon S. DrakeCorporal
Edmund J. NicholsonCorporalWilliam StowellCorporal
Joseph PerryCorporalJohn McKeenCorporal
Wilson H. BurrellCorporalMichael CollinsCorporal
James RushCorporalEzra BrewsterCorporal
Charles ColeCorporalHugh F. GoudyCorporal
John StubbsCorporalJohn B. AbrahamCorporal
Adair, AlfredPrivateArhilgea, GeorgePrivate
Bear, WilliamPrivateBenedict, William C.Private
Boyd, DavidPrivateBrennan, JohnPrivate
Brumley, FrancisPrivateCaldwell, Charles M.Private
Cannel, Thomas M.PrivateCanfield, JamesPrivate
Card, Joseph P.PrivateCarson, JosephPrivate
Conland, PeterPrivateCrane, John FPrivate
Crawford, RobertPrivateDerr, John W.Private
Doyle, RobertPrivateDyckes, HenryPrivate
Eddy, OtisPrivateEldridge, WilliamPrivate
Estey, AlbertPrivateFurniss, AdamPrivate
Gee, Martin C.PrivateGooby, MatthewPrivate
Goudy, JohnPrivateGould, FranklinPrivate
Hannum, LucasPrivateHartzell, OliverPrivate
Harrigan, CharlesPrivateHoffman, JohnPrivate
Howard, EdwardPrivateJerome, HoracePrivate
Johnson, Charles S.PrivateKirschner, WilliamPrivate
Lawrence, AlbertPrivateLees, AlexanderPrivate
Losey, Harris P.PrivateLush, HenryPrivate
McAuley, DanielPrivateMcKenzie, John D.Private
McMannis, WilliamPrivateMcMillen, AndrewPrivate
Martin, ElishaPrivateMilks, GeorgePrivate
Mote, JamesPrivateMuchler, WilliamPrivate
O’Brien, DanielPrivateParks, SherwoodPrivate
Phillips, ThomasPrivateReinhart, JerryPrivate
Rodgers, Amandus P.PrivateRoot, Jesse H.Private
Seaburn, DanielPrivateSeiberling, LloydPrivate
Seiberling, CharlesPrivateShepherd, George W.Private
Shepherd, JohnPrivateSilver, WilliamPrivate
Snyder, JosephPrivateThompson, Benjamin F.Private
Viers, Bazle E.PrivateViers, Dorsey W.Private
Walton, Jesse G.PrivateWard, Hiram B.Private
Watkins, Asa B.PrivateWatkins, JamesPrivate
Weaver, CalebPrivateWeigel, JosiahPrivate
Williams, Thomas H.PrivateWorkmeister, RudolphPrivate

Bill King can provide more information about each soldier that served in the 103rd OVI.