103rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Company C

Mustered in September 17, 1862 Camp Cleveland, Ohio, by A.S. Burt, 1st Lieutenant 18th Infantry, U.S.A. Mustered out June 12, 1865, at Raleigh, N.C., by E.A. Folsom, Captain and A.C.M.

John T. PhilpotCaptainCharles MorganCaptain
Hamilton D. Dickey1st Lieut.Henry C. Bacon1st Lieut.
Luty J. Nevill2nd Lieut.Franklin B. Smith2nd Lieut.
Wilbur M. Sturtevant2nd Lieut.Abner C. King1st Sergt.
Barnabas BrownSergeantLucius O. HarrisSergeant
George B. GoodsellSergeantArthur O. FordSergeant
George D. UphamSergeantAlmon H. GriswoldSergeant
Constantine EddyCorporalWilliam R. HigbyCorporal
Alanson R. DixonCorporalIra Loudon Jr.Corporal
Ferdinand G. ParrCorporalPorter WellsCorporal
Reinzi G. GleasonCorporalHenry B. NashCorporal
Henry M. FrissellCorporalBurk E. WardCorporal
Martin V. DeadyCorporalAlvin BakerCorporal
Charles B. NieceMusicianCharles AverillWagoner
Anthony, John C.PrivateArmour, Samuel M.Private
Averill, JosiahPrivateBaker, Daniel W.Private
Baldwin, WallacePrivateBancroft, Charles H.Private
Barker, MorrisPrivateBarber, JehuPrivate
Bosworth, William M.PrivateBosworth, FennerPrivate
Boyce, AlpheusPrivateBudd, ThomasPrivate
Budd, WilliamPrivateBull, WorthyPrivate
Bull, Melvill N.PrivateBurton, JuliusPrivate
Burr, EdwardPrivateButton, OtisPrivate
Caley, William H.PrivateCarpenter, Edwin M.Private
Carpenter, Miles M.PrivateCates, Moses C.Private
Conway, JohnPrivateCooper, DavidPrivate
Cotapes, JohnPrivateCourter, CorneliusPrivate
Devoe, Henry L.PrivateDewey, AlmonPrivate
Dillon, AndrewPrivateFell, Thomas 2ndPrivate
Fisher, EarlPrivateFord, George B.Private
Frisby, MartinPrivateGifford, GeorgePrivate
Glasier, Hiram M.PrivateGleason, Orion A.Private
Gore, Page M.PrivateGraham, James E.Private
Hannaford, Lyman B.PrivateHarvey, James M.Private
Horn, FrederickPrivateHorton, Hilon H. R.Private
Hubbell, Charles H.PrivateHunt, John D.Private
Kellogg, AugustusPrivateKennedy, EarlPrivate
Kilby, JasonPrivateKing, CharlesPrivate
Lewis, FranklinPrivateLowery, George H.Private
McGuire, PatrickPrivateMapes, PerryPrivate
Martin, ThomasPrivateMartin, DanielPrivate
Matthews, Elijah G.PrivateOsmun, DanielPrivate
Richmond, JamesPrivateRodgers, Augustus H.Private
Rothan, WilliamPrivateRussell, HenryPrivate
Sampson, FranklinPrivateSchuyler, RobertPrivate
Schuyler, JohnPrivateSchuyler, HenryPrivate
Seely, Morrell E.PrivateShepherd, HenryPrivate
Sheffield, George W.PrivateSibley, RufusPrivate
Sickles, JamesPrivateSmith, EdwinPrivate
Trowbridge, WesleyPrivateTrowbridge, HenryPrivate
Valkenburgh, EdwinPrivateWheeler, Turney B.Private
White, AlonzoPrivateWilley, Seth A.Private


Bill King can provide more information about each soldier that served in the 103rd OVI.