103rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Company E

Mustered in Sepember 16, 1862 Camp Cleveland, O., by Louis D. Watkins, 1st Lieutenant 5th U. S. Cavalry.  Mustered out June 12, 1865, at Raleigh, N.C., by E.A. Folsom, Captain and A.C.M.

George W. TibbettsCaptainCharles E. SargentCaptain
Levi T. Scofield1st Lieut.Lewis S. Dilley1st Lieut.
John E. Vaught1st Lieut.Chauncey W. Mead1st Sergt
William C. PerkinsSergeantMartin StreiblerSergeant
Orrin M. GatesSergeantAbraham H. StaffordSergeant
John SilburnSergeantLucius D. WhaleyCorporal
Enos J. HoytCorporalJabez G. PufferCorporal
Walter S. MeekerCorporalJames G. WatsonCorporal
Alexander B. AllenCorporalJames CobbCorporal
Robert NevillCorporalHenry PufferCorporal
James M. MapleCorporalBingley RussellCorporal
George H. WeeksCorporalNicholas G. LundeberryCorporal
Isaac CarpenterCorporalHenry SlaterCorporal
Lucius B. LaneyMusicianAncil PerkinsMusician
Abel M. WilderWagonerAbbott, James J. N.Private
Andrews, JohnPrivateBander, Andrew J.Private
Barrett, Thomas H.PrivateBigler, FrederickPrivate
Bower, JacobPrivateBrennan, ThomasPrivate
Brett, GeorgePrivateBrown, William S.Private
Butler, DavidPrivateCamp, JamesPrivate
Campbell, PatrickPrivateChapman, John F.Private
Clarke, William S.PrivateClingman, Andrew R.Private
Cobb, Charles M.PrivateCobb, Andrew J.Private
Colbert, JosephPrivateCooper, Argalons T.Private
Cottrell, Addison B.PrivateCross, SamuelPrivate
Dawson, John P.PrivateDeLong, JamesPrivate
Dismond, PeterPrivateEly, Stebbins B.Private
Farr, Edward L.PrivateFerguson, John B.Private
Freer, JamesPrivateFreer, John A.Private
Galentine, Jay F.PrivateGibson, George A.Private
Goldwood, Daniel T.PrivateHendershot, Don S.Private
Hinckley, FrederickPrivateHolloway, Oscar E.Private
Johnston, William C.PrivateJordan, Allen T.Private
Kelley, Edward C.PrivateKiely, JamesPrivate
Levis, Hosea J.PrivateMcIlrath, AlbertPrivate
Manchester, DariusPrivateMapes, SethPrivate
Mott, HenryPrivateO'Conner, ThomasPrivate
Percival, JeromePrivatePettingill, Carlton S.Private
Quale, JohnPrivateRansom, George F.Private
Reed, HarmonPrivateRuby, AugustusPrivate
Searles, William A.PrivateShaw, DelosPrivate
Simmons, George W.PrivateSmith, WilliamPrivate
Smith, DanielPrivateStevens, Lewis W.Private
Themes, AugustusPrivateThomas, WilliamPrivate
Torrence, Stiles C.PrivateTowey, FrederickPrivate
Tucker, Joseph P.PrivateWallace, Charles E.Private
Wallace, PeterPrivateWalker, CharlesPrivate
Weidman, GeorgePrivateWells, Eli T.Private
Western, Freeman W.PrivateWetherbee, Albert J.Private
Whalen, JamesPrivateWhite, JosephPrivate
Worthy, ThomasPrivate  


Bill King can provide more information about each soldier that served in the 103rd OVI.