103rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Company G

Mustered in Sept. 16, 1862 Camp Cleveland, Ohio, by Louis D Watkins, 1st Lieutenant, 5th U.S. Cavalry. Mustered out June 12, 1865, at Raleigh, N.C., by E.A. Folsom, Captain and A.C.M.

Moses L. M. PiexottoCaptainHenry S. PickandsCaptain
Lewis S. DilleyCaptainCharles D. Rhodes1st Lieut.
William Hall1st Lieut.Henry C. Seymour2d Lieut.
Sherman B. Taft1st SergtWilliam WheelockSergeant
Adonijah, ElliottSergeantFrank BushmanSergeant
Robert L. FleurySergeantTheodore KirnerSergeant
Thomas R. BabbSergeantGeorge BarkerCorporal
George EllsaserCorporalThomas FarmerCorporal
Nathan W. HawkinsCorporalPeter HetzellCorporal
Orson JordanCorporalHenry LegeCorporal
William H. LeggettCorporalDelos W. TurnerCorporal
Lewis WattsCorporalAmasa B. WithamCorporal
Robert WoodwardCorporalHenry DealMusician
Joseph ShrierMusicianAckley, MosesPrivate
Alexander, LuciusPrivateArmstrong, RichardPrivate
Backus, DavidPrivateBash, MatthewPrivate
Beckley, AdamPrivateBerner, JacobPrivate
Boyd, ThomasPrivateBrinnan, JohnPrivate
Campbell, Benjamin F.PrivateCanty, WilliamPrivate
Carroll, Lawrence M.PrivateChetmer, JohnPrivate
Coe, Warren J.PrivateCooda, RobertPrivate
Cramer, Calvin S.PrivateCummings, William S.Private
Dailey, DanielPrivateDefreze, John G.Private
DeGraff, HarryPrivateDennison, Lemuel TPrivate
Dunham, AlbertPrivateEvertson, LewisPrivate
Field, William D.PrivateGage, JamesPrivate
Gasner, JacobPrivateGronskie, LeonPrivate
Hall, JohnPrivateHart, JamesPrivate
Hyde, JohnPrivateJones, ThomasPrivate
Jones, JohnPrivateJordan, AnselPrivate
Joy, PeterPrivateKing, JosephPrivate
Knapp, Charles D.PrivateLamb, James E.Private
Learschot, PeterPrivateLewis, William W.Private
Logan, RobertPrivateMcCormick, John H.Private
McGuire, CharlesPrivateMaloy, JamesPrivate
Melia, PeterPrivateMiller, AdamPrivate
Nicely, JohnPrivateNicholson, JohnPrivate
Penstal, JohnPrivatePerrin, LeviPrivate
Pomeroy, JamesPrivateReublin, John R.Private
Rhodes, Herman D.PrivateRhodes, Alvin B.Private
Rice, CharlesPrivateRyder, PeterPrivate
Sands, MatthewPrivateShrier, FrankPrivate
Smith, JacobPrivateSmith, ReubenPrivate
Spain, JacobPrivateSpencer, JohnPrivate
Stanley, JohnPrivateStockwell, Jerome N. B.Private
Sullivan, PeterPrivateThompson, WilliamPrivate
Thorn, GeorgePrivateTruffler, JamesPrivate
Urban, JohnPrivateWagner, GeorgePrivate
Whitehead, HenryPrivateWilson, JamesPrivate
Williams, WilliamPrivateWitham, CharlesPrivate
Witham, GeorgePrivateWoolson, AlbertPrivate


Bill King can provide more information about each soldier that served in the 103rd OVI.