103rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Company I

Mustered in Sept. 15, 1862 Camp Cleveland, Ohio, by Louis D. Watkins, 1st Lieutenant 5th U.S. Cavalry Mustered out June 12, 1865, at Raleigh, N.C., by E.A. Folsom, Captain and A.C.M.

Lyman B. WilcoxCaptainGeorge RedwayCaptain
Henry A. Mills Jr1st Lieut.Edward Andrews2nd Lieut
James Allen2nd Lieut.Harrison D. Bartran1st Sergt.
Thomas W. SmithSergeantThomas S. CrawfordSergeant
Henry McCloudSergeantArthur BradleySergeant
William H. FraterSergeantSamuel M. BorlandCorporal
William McDermottCorporalAsa HinmanCorporal
Frederick H. StannardCorporalThomas BraniganCorporal
Kersey J. SeiberlingCorporalHarman HippenstialCorporal
Chauncey B. WeltonCorporalIsaac W. GatesCorporal
William H. HillCorporalOrsemus HoweMusician
Milton J. FreemanMusicianIsaac ShiremanWagoner
Abbott, Chester W.PrivateAcker, Henry H.Private
Acker, BenjaminPrivateAuble, John H.Private
Barnes, Cornelius G.PrivateBarnes, Romulus B.Private
Barber, GeorgePrivateBeck, Albert M.Private
Bishop, EdwinPrivateBitner, JonasPrivate
Bogardus, Matthew J.PrivateBooth, Franklin E.Private
Bradley, NoblePrivateBrown, Charles E.Private
Burdoin, Franklin M.PrivateCannon, George R.Private
Carrington, Charles H.PrivateCase, Addison J.Private
Clark, DavidPrivateCloss, Orville M.Private
Cushman, William H.PrivateCutler, Squire Z.Private
Cutter, HarveyPrivateDaman, George D.Private
Daman, SylvesterPrivateDamon, LeviPrivate
Derhammer, George F.PrivateDesher, ThomasPrivate
Ebner, JonathanPrivateFenton, Charles H.Private
Fritz, ReubenPrivateGratz, Charles E.Private
Gunton, MatthewPrivateHarrington, Stephen J.Private
Harper, Charles A.PrivateHarris, Henry W.Private
Hard, Thomas C.PrivateHatch, AlexanderPrivate
Hatfield, JohnPrivateHays, William HPrivate
Heaton, JonasPrivateHath, JamesPrivate
Hougland, JamesPrivateJohnson, MosesPrivate
Johnson, ShermanPrivateKimball, Charles H.Private
Kunkler, JamesPrivateLanterman, John G.Private
Long, John WesleyPrivateLoomis, HarveyPrivate
McCoy, SamuelPrivateMuMullen, DavidPrivate
Merton, TheodorePrivateMontgomery, John B.Private
Musselman, Henry B.PrivateNash, HenryPrivate
Nicely, JosephPrivateNice, Isaac K.Private
Nichols, HenryPrivateNichols, DanielPrivate
Nichols, CharlesPrivateNichols, JohnPrivate
Null, JosephPrivateOverholt, AaronPrivate
Pimlot, David S.PrivatePotter, Robert S.Private
Porter, Charles CPrivatePorter Henry T.Private
Reed, George W.PrivateReimer, IsaacPrivate
Rickerson, Lucius C.PrivateRodgers, Amandess PPrivate
Rorke, HarrisonPrivateRosenberry, Samuel C.Private
Seiberling, CharlesPrivateSeiberling, LoydPrivate
Schelly, JosephPrivateSchlaback, Stephen H.Private
Sickman, JonasPrivateSmith, DelosPrivate
Swartwood, James H.PrivateTurner, Jasper S.Private
Varney, Thomas S.PrivateWaldo, Justis T.Private
Watkins, EphraimPrivateWebster, FrederickPrivate
Webster, Charles C.PrivateWelling, William F.Private
Werntz, SamuelPrivateWideman, George W.Private
Willits, Alonzo D.PrivateWiley, John C.Private
Wise, EdwinPrivateWoodruff, George D.Private
Wuner, Jeremiah D.PrivateYoder, Henry B.Private


Bill King can provide more information about each soldier that served in the 103rd OVI.