103rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Company K

Mustered in Sept. 18, 1862 Camp Cleveland, Ohio, by Louis D. Watkins, 1st Lieutenant, 5th U.S. Cavalry Mustered out June 12, 1865, at Raleigh, N.C., by E.A. Folsom, Captain and A.C.M.

William F. GarrettCaptainSimeon WindeckerCaptain
David Smolk1st Lieut.William F. Hubbard1st Lieut.
George B. Norton1st LieutMarshall S. Root2d Lieut.
Aaron L. Fuller1st Sergt.Lyman KnowlesSergeant
Jacob WagonerSergeantAugustus StevensSergeant
William P. CowhickSergeantHiram B. FloydCorporal
James C. ReynoldsCorporalSolomon StevensCorporal
Wallace W. MungerCorporalJames KennedyCorporal
Joseph LevittCorporalJohn J. ForbesCorporal
William H. KennedyCorporalJames E. MarquettCorporal
Daniel CollerCorporalPrescott HuntleyCorporal
David ClarkWagonerAbbe, LuciusPrivate
Armstrong, HenryPrivateBagley, GeorgePrivate
Bakeman, AndrewPrivateBarnum, Richmond S.Private
Beebe, Alonzo APrivateBell, RodolphPrivate
Bendall, ThomasPrivateBowen, Charles W.Private
Branch, ArzaPrivateBrintnall, FrancisPrivate
Bullard, Benjamin L.PrivateColler, DavidPrivate
Collins, JessePrivateCunningham, PatrickPrivate
Curtice, DavidPrivateDix, JohnPrivate
Dotten, HoracePrivateDunham, HenryPrivate
Earl, JamesPrivateFifield, IrvinePrivate
Fluent, JonathanPrivateForbes, William D.Private
Forbes, George W.PrivateFretter, Joseph A.Private
Gaines, Lyman C.PrivateGore, NathanPrivate
Grover, Daniel E.PrivateHisler, HenryPrivate
Hohl, DavidPrivateHolcomb, Alonzo N.Private
Holliwill, George W.PrivateHorton, Amos B.Private
Jackson, OrloPrivateJaques, William H.Private
Kennedy, SimonPrivateKennedy, Arvin B.Private
Kennedy, JohnPrivateKing, John W.Private
Knapp, HarlowPrivateKnapp, Zenas H.Private
Lindley, George E.PrivateLindley, Francis W.Private
Lutz, Daniel E.PrivateMcCabe, CyrusPrivate
Mann, Lewis R.PrivateMartin, HezekiahPrivate
Mulberry, AndrewPrivateOtterbach, GottiiebPrivate
Reynolds, Benjamin F.PrivateRobbins, Nathan P.Private
Roberts, HiellPrivateRockwood, LewisPrivate
Root, Jesse H.PrivateRounds, Lewis P.Private
Rowlee, WolcottPrivateSeeley, McKendreePrivate
Shaw, HaskinsPrivateSheldon, Perry C.Private
Shuler, HenryPrivateSmallman, JohnPrivate
Smith, Wesley B.PrivateStallay, William H.Private
Stoddard, SamuelPrivateSutton, WilliamPrivate
Swartz, PaulPrivateThrapp, NewtonPrivate
Tippin, James M.PrivateTrumain, AndrewPrivate
Van Orman, Joseph C.PrivateWebber, Frederick L.Private
Wells, Daniel A.PrivateWells, Lorenzo B.Private
Wilcox, Charles A.PrivateWright, CharlesPrivate
Yetter, JohnPrivateYetter, CharlesPrivate


Bill King can provide more information about each soldier that served in the 103rd OVI.