2010 - 2011 Lorain County Queries

Estella Mildred Ward She died February 11, 1903 in the city of Lorain. The obituary states she was buried in Lorain Catholic Cemetery. I checked with Calvary Cemetery. There is no record of her being buried there. Does anyone have any ideas?

Bonnie Roth 3 Jan 2008


Horace lived in Carlisle c. 1828 until after 1880. Looking for death date. Was Noah HURD in 1830 Carlisle, Lorain CO., Census the Father of Horace? Where in Conn., were these men born?

Judy Michaels 7 Jan 2008


Michael and wife Lepa "Libby" DUSHA lived in Grafton and Amherst from circa 1883 through 1917. Varaint spellings: Navorska, Navorst, Novorska. Associated families are Dreuer, Daggett, Bodman, Wilson. May have been Lutheran and any help is appreciated.

David Navorska 7 Jan 2008


I am trying to find who the parents of my Great-Grandparents Jacob Maxson ( b. 8 Sep 1824, Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY d. 18 Apr 1876, Spencer, Medina Co., OH ) and Sarah " Sally" M. RUSSELL">RUSSELL ( b. 21 Jul 1820 NY, d. 21 Aug 1901, Elyria, Lorain Co., OH ) m. 28 Oct 1843, Sheffield Twp., Lorain Co., OH. are.

Patricia Brings Plenty 7 Jan 2008

ADAMSON, Donald Lewis

I'm looking for the gravesite of Donald Lewis Adamson, born in TN on 2/13/53 I do not know the exact date of the death. I think it was in 1985 to 1989? I've been searching for years and cannot find any information. His mother passed away in 2003. He died in Washington, DC/VA area. Any help would be much appreciated. I have a deep desire to visit his resting place. Thank you so much.

Carol Monaco 20 Jan 2008

ZAGORSKY, Andrew married Jospehine SZCZEPANKIEWICZ

Looking for the marriage record for my Maternal Great-Grandparents married at Nativity BVM in Lorain, OH in January 1908.

Linda Limes Ellis 29 Jan 2008


Looking for descendants of John E. HUMMER, son of Jacob G. and Amanda HUMMER, born 4 Oct 1871 in Riverside, Northumberland County, PA, married Bertha May SHULTZ [born 1876] on 28 Sept 1897. He lived in Elyria in 1927 and 1958. They had wo children, Catherine Amanda Fillo [1897], nee HUMMER and Paul Edward HUMMER [1900].

Paul J. Hummer 31 Jan 2008


Looking for death notice for a EDNA C. FRIEND died in Lorain in 2002.

Marcia Grant 4 Feb 2008


Does anyone have family group sheets on the John McROBERTS and Lucy BRADFORD families with their children. Also is anyone researching the John TIBBETTS REYNOLDS family as I have infor to share.

Connie Sims 5 Feb 2008


CHARLSTON CEMETERY - I am looking for the woman who was at the presentation on the Charleston Cemetery and thought she was the related to the Gill boys, who shared one gravestone. I never got her name and would like to be in contact with her. She had the same names, but thought it was Gilles. The names of the boys were Erwin L. & John C sons of G. S. Gill. John died on April 26,1850 @ 2yrs, 7m and Erwin died on Nov 23,1848 at 2 yrs 28d. I never actually saw the parents name on the stone because when I unearthed it all it said beneath was Our Sons. It seems these names were quite familiar to her.

Diane Wargo Medina 11 Feb 2008


Seeking children of Clarence b. 1899 - d.1974 and Edna Wright b.1901 d.1982 of Elyria, Ohio. Children, Evelyn (youngest) and Margaret whose married name was Monkse (sp) and had four or five daughters. They owned a small grocery in the 1940's. Also a son Donald L. of Grafton, Ohio. Roberta Dill Sprague.

Roberta Dill 18 Feb 2008


Looking for descendants of William Jones (1856 Wales - 1929 Lorain) and Elizabeth Williams Jones (1859 - 1917 Lorain).

Lila Shirey 6 Mar 2008


I am looking for any information on Edwin LIGHT (or LEIGHT) between 1920 and 1930. He was my grandfather and the family lost track of him when he left his home in Huron County sometime from 1920-1930. The family including his son (my father) never spoke of him and any information regarding obituaries, or anything else would be appreciated. He was married to Ella Mae Light. There was some connection for the family to Lorain as I remember as a child quite a lot of talk about Lorain, but I don't remember what it was about. I keep grasping at straws to find information.

Esther Kitts 6 Mar 2008


I'm looking for any information regarding a Richard Charles Daly and wife, Mary Killen Daly, who may have owned property in Elyria OH, between the years 1945-1955. This was my father and his first wife. My grandparents, Joseph Daly and Gertrude Myers Daly owned a home on the corner of West and 8th Avenues. Thank you.

Patricia Daly 9 Mar 2008


I am looking for any information about Adam Douglas RODGERS and his wife, Beulah Mae SMITH. Adam was born 22 Feb 1904 in Butler County, Alabama and died 19 Feb 1991 in Lorain. Beulah was born BTW June 1902 and 1908 in Alabama and died 22 July 1978 in Lorain. They were married ABT 1927 in Alabama. The family moved to Ohio BFR 1951. They had 4 children: Adam Douglas RODGERS Jr., William Raymond RODGERS, B-13 May 1920 in Alabama, D-31 Jan 2004 in Kingsville, John Wesley RODGERS, B-28 June 1929 in Alabama, D- 23 July 1999 in Oberlin, and Dorothy Mae RODGERS, B-4 Feb 1935 in Alabama and died 31 July 2000 in Lorain. She was married to a William Henry Felton. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Rebecca Tedore 18 Apr 2008


Is there anyone on the list who understands the dealings of land deeds? A land deed on 27 May 1839 , seems to indicate that my G-uncle, James Daly lent a man $800 and took his land as collateral. In it there's described this elaborate re-payment schedule. Then the very next day, 28 May 1839, James Daly and his wife Anne Maria Daly sell the land back to the borrower for $500. The curious part is that an old-time version of a "sticky-note" that appears on the original deed. It states that the mortgage is paid, but it is signed by Lawrence Daly and Anne Maria Daly, and unfortunately is not dated. I'm confused as to how the land was re-purchased the next day. And as far as I know, Lawrence didn't arrive in Ohio prior to 1843. His brother James dying btwn, Jan and May of 1843. If anyone can help me, I'd appreciate it. Please respond to:

Patricia 23 Apr 2008


I'm curious as to whether anyone might be related to this family. They settled near my DALYs, but I have no clue as to whether we're related, although the names used are repeated within my DALYs. In the 1870 Census Michael is a farmer in LaGrange, Lorain, OH. In the 1880 Census, he works in a "storehouse". By 1900, the family lives in Cleveland. The parents are: Michael Daily (ca.1832-1903) and Catherine Roork (ca. 1845-?). Children; Anna (ca. 1863), John (ca.1865), Mary (ca.1867), Thomas (ca.1869), Charles (ca. 1873), Kate (ca. 1879). According to the 1900 Census, Mike immigrated in 1859, Catherine in 1860, and they married about 1861.

Patricia 29 Apr 2008


John MILLER, b 13 Dec 1871, m 7 Jan 1903 to Mary EBERLING (b 15 May 1881, d 24 Feb 1960), d 21 Mar 1946. John's father also John MILLER, b Jul 1839 in Bavaria Germany, m 1868-70 to Magdalena Weber (b 1840, d 1919) and d 1913 and this John MILLER'S parents were John MILLER and Magdalena Sprung. I know that the MILLERS come from Bavaria, but I don't know exactly where in Bavaria. I don't know where the EBERLINGS come from at all. I will be traveling to Germany in Sept and want to visit Bavaria and the Catholic Church there, but again, I don't know which one. I am the granddaughter of the first John MILLER. I do belong to a genealogy group here in Florida. If you have any suggestions at all, I would be very appreciative. Thanks.

Joan Kraft 30 Apr 2008


I am looking for Helen KALMAR WEIGL who was married to William WEIGL. They lived in Elyria in the county of Lorain. I believe she was a cousin of Sarah OLAH HAGAN and Pearl OLAH PONCHAK. In 1942 she visited Bridgeport, Ct. I have a picture of her holding myself(Michael HAGAN) and my twin(Patrick HAGAN).

Michael Hagan 14 May 2008


Mary Jane Stakes (James) b. April 1855 d. March 1910, Born in England, Husband: Philfe Stakes, born in Germany, Married in 1874, Died in Lorain, OH.

Rebecca Wilczenski 16 May 2008


I am looking for any information about the Everett family. I have the name Pearl Everett, and Bruce J Everett. Any help would be so much appreciated.

Bethany Everett 25 May 2008


I am looking for a divorce record for John H. HULF and Lida GAINES HULF in Lorain County about 30 Sept. 1890. They were married 15 Sept. 1888. I also need to know if adoption records for the late 1800's are available from the state or local courts? Thank you.

Pat LeConte 1 Jun 2008


Any Information on a Willis POTTER b.1791 RI, (died 1872, Ohio) found on the 1830 census for Avon and the 1840-1860 censuses for Amherst. He is mentioned in the History of Lorain County as having came to Amherst around 1830 with his wife and 13 children. I know that he had a son Willis born abt 1819 in Ohio and a daughter Elizabeth (m. Moore) born about 1828 in Ohio. His fathers name was David and he is found on the 1830 census with Willis.

Vikky Zelenak 1 Jun 2008


I've found the "Declaration of Intent" (first papers) for my GrGf Lawrence DAILEY who settled in, and died in Lorain County. The Declaration is in the "Court of Common Pleas Journal", for the date of September, 1847. If he followed through to citizenship, a "Petition for Admission to Citizenship" would follow (final papers). My questions: Was there a waiting period before he filed for final papers? He states that he already lived in the US for 5 years and L.C. for one year. Would he have had to use a "higher" court than the "Common Pleas" for "final papers"? I just don't know where to look next.

Regards, Patricia 25 Jun 2008


The story in the family is that Ida Florence THOEY was a baby taken in by a German family after her parents were killed in a wagon accident. The wagon was hit by train in Lorrain, Ohio. Her parents are supposed to of been English. Her German family had family in Owosso, Michigan and Ida later traveled there to be a school teacher. She is buried in Grayling, Michigan and her tombstone dates are: 1864 - 1934. Ida Florence THOEY, Born 1864, Died -- 5, October 1934 Crawford County, Grayling, Michigan. She married a number of times: Brown, Arthur Mathias, Arthur Wendt. Is THOEY her German family or English family surname? If not, what was her German family name? Is this name even the right surname? Is the family story correct?

Pamela Williams 13 July 2008


Searching for Augusta BURDOCK and George SHEDRON in Lorain County Ohio between 1870 and 1904. They were married in Michigan in 1887 and I have not been able to track them before that time.

Peggy Ayer 22 July 2008


I've "rescued" two old photographs belonging to the ALLIS Family of Ohio and New York. The first is a photograph of Angeline Betsy ALLIS GODING HARING which was taken in the 1860's in Norwalk, Ohio. Angeline appears to be in her 20's at the time. The second photograph is identified as Vernette ALLIS at age 1 year and 8 months of age. The photograph was taken at the F. D. Wood Studio in Greene, New York, probably sometime in the 1870's. Census records provide the following information: 1860 census of Carlisle, OH: William ALLIS, age 66, a Farmer, born NY, Polly Ann ALLIS, age 57, born CT, Angeline ALLIS, age 24, born OH 1870 census of Carlisle Township, OH: Albert HERRING, age 24, a Farmer, born OH, Angeline HERRING, age 30, Keeping House, born OH Carlton HERRING, age 10 months, born OH 1870 census of Coventry, NY: Spencer ALLIS, age 35, a Farmer, born NY, Elizabeth ALLIS, age 30, Housekeeper, born NY, William ALLIS, age 6, born NY Leonard ALLIS, age 5, born NY, Vernette ALLIS, age 2, born NY, Polly R. ALLIS, age 72, born VT 1880 census of Coventry, NY: Spencer F. ALLIS, age 44, Farming, born NY, parents born MA/VT Eunice E. ALLIS, wife, age 37, Keeping House, born NY, parents born Ireland/NY, William S. ALLIS, son, age 16, at Home, born NY Leonard G. ALLIS, son, age 15, at Home, born NY, Venette E. ALLIS, dau, age 12, at Home, born NY, Anna F. ALLIS, dau, age 8, born NY Rose HINSEMAN, hired girl, age 17, born NY, parents born Germany Polly R. ALLIS, Mother, age 82, at Home, born MA, parents born CT/VT 1880 census of Carlisle, OH: Elbert HARING, age 34, a Farmer, born OH, parents born NY Angeline HARING, wife, age 40, Keeping House, born OH, parents born NY, Carleton HARING, son, age 10, At School, Anna HARING, dau, age 8, born OH 1900 census of Elyria, OH: (a boarder in the home of Mr. LILY identified as an Old Ladies Home), Angie HARING, age 64, born Mar 1836, a widow, 2 children/none living, born OH, parents born OH 1910 census of Elyria, OH: Angeline HARING, age 74, a widow, 2 children/2 living, born OH, parents born NY, Own Income In addition to these photographs I also obtained KALES Family photographs from the same source. I am hoping to return them all to the family and would appreciate your assistance. Please contact me if you are a member of this family, or if you know someone who might be.

Shelley Cardiel 27 July 2008


On Ancestry.com, I found a John DAILY listed on on the 1850 Ohio Mortality Schedule, Wellington Township, Lorain, Ohio. He's 80y, which puts his birthyear ca. 1770. This could be my GGgf. I find no other records for him, as he does not appear on the 1840 Census, to the best of my knowledge. A John (Danly) DALY(Grafton, Lorain, OH) and James DALY (Pittsfield, Lorain, OH) are on the 1840 Census, and these are my grand-uncles. I would think that if the Wellington John was their father, he'd live within their township limits. But who can say! I don't know what to make of John in Wellington, but would appreciate any suggestions on how I might work back from this Mortality Schedule to find out about him. Many Thanks.

Patricia 28 July 2008


Francis MORAN naturalized 1833, Ohio "Gray, Mary Parker. "Naturalizations from Lorain County Common Pleas Court Journals." Two parts. In Lorain County Reseacher (Lorain County Chapter, Ohio Genealogical Society, vol.8:1 (Winter 1991, pp. 7-9) (Spring 1992), pp. 20-22. Can someone please tell me how to find the text for this reference I found on Ancestry.com. Many Thanks,

Patricia 18 Aug 2008


Seeking information on Charles Phelp HORR and his wife Marie Louise BLISS particularly regarding their residency in Wellington, 1880's to 1900.

Arthur W. Sprague 7 Sep 2008


I am researching the Dill Family of Lorain County. My grandfather, Arthur Charles Dill, born in Cleveland 1895. I believe his father was Charles E. Dill, b.1844 in Maryland, and his mother was Rose, b.1849 (not sure if born in Ohio or Pennsylvania). His brothers and sisters were: Ambrose b. 1867, Gertrude Rosina (married Dr. Guy Lovett) b.1874, Rometha T. (married twice: 1st. unknown Hayward, 2nd. Louis F. Herrmann) b.1877, Viola b.1880, Helen D. (married Jay P. Saph) b.1882, Charles E. Jr. (married Emma Howard) b, abt, 1883, There may be more siblings. I am trying to determine the death dates for Charles E. Sr., Rose, and all of the siblings.

Sandy Estes 27 Sep 2008


I am searching for RUSSELL in this area. Rebecca _____ was b. 25 Dec 1841 or 1843 in Lodi, Medina Co., OH. Her 3 oldest children were b. in IL (Dora in 1862, Cora in 1864, and Frank in 1868) & their youngest son, Claude, was b. in OH in 1877. The 4 children & Rebecca's hus David S. RUSSELL lived in Lorain Village, Black River Twp., Lorain, OH for the 1880 census; David d. betw. 1880-1897, when Rebecca m2 William Grundy DERRICK in Grampian, Clearfield Co., PA. Wm d. 1904 and Rebecca DERRICK is found in Elyria City, Lorain Co. OH in 1910 census, living with son Claude RUSSELL. Rebecca d. 23 Nov 1916 in Lorain Co OH. Would be interested in sharing info & pix of this family. Am trying to find Rebecca's maiden name, Rebecca's parents, David's parents, etc.

Pamela Oct 2008


Am trying to find if there are wills filed for WEST, Dwight d. 5 Mar 1922, WEST, Horace d. 3 Aug 1883, WEST, Amasa d. 15 July 1846, and FOSTER, Addison d. 1874.

Jean Bick Oct 2008


Daniel CRIMMINS, brother of Mary CRIMMINS, b. in Ireland. Mary arrived in Boston abt. 1868. Daniel may or may not have arrived at the same time, but headed west to ride with Buffalo Bill.

Mary Killoran Nov 2008


I already know that my GGG-Grandparents Bethuel and Roxanna WEBSTER are buried in LaGrange Cemetery. Any other information on them would be most welcome. Also would appreciate any information on the family of George and Mary SEIFERT and alternate spellings. They lived in Black River Twp., and appear to have arrived there around 1873.

Cathy Seifert Nov 2008


DAR / SAR information for Elishama TOZER would be appreciated. His daughter Mary married Salmon JOHNSON and they lived in Lorain County, Ohio.

Denise Innes Nov 2008


Does anyone know anything about the MURTAUGH family that lived in Carlisle are ( buried St. Mary’s Grafton ) or the HARPUS and the connection to each other?

Mary Anne Cella Nov 2008


Seeking info on Arthur Walter Snell. He was born May 9, 1888 at Elyria, Lorain Co, Ohio. He died Oct 19, 1964 in San Joaquin Co, CA probably in the city of Stockton. I do not know the name of his parents nor when this family moved to CA.

Joyce Snell Dec 2008


Locating citizenship papers for Janos RAJNYAK, paternal Grandfather, who probably applied in Allegheny County, PA, resided in GLassport, PA, arrived in US approximately 1894 - 1896.

Lorna Middendorf Dec 2008


I do not know where my Grandfather's ancestors came from. It says Bavaria on the census but Bavaria ruled many areas in Germany ( not just what is considered Bavaria today). Johannes MILLER b. 19 Jul 1839 was naturalized in 1857, married at Holy Trinity Church 14 Feb 1860 to Magdalena WEBER b. 22 Jul 1840.

Joan Kraft Dec 2008


Nocholas MARINGER, b. 1795-1802, d. 1864 in Avon, OH, came from Rheinhessen, Hessen, Germany ( farmer ) inn 1842, with wife Catherine FLECK (?) d. 1872, both buried at Holy Trinity, Nagel Rd, Avon, OH. If anyone has confirmation of this part of Germany they came from please call me at 440-724-5347 or contact me e-mail. I am also looking for ship and immigration confirmation on this family. They had three children we know of; Peter, Simon, and Catherina ( m. Mathias BARTH ).

Judy Niskey Jan 2009


I am researching John SCHUMACHER b. 1819 and on his tombstone there is no deathdate, and Mary EIDEN b. 1823, d. 1885 bur. St. Peter's Church Cemetery, N. Ridgeville. This family resided in Cuyahoga and Lorain Counties.

Judy Niskey Jan 2009


Looking for inforamtion on Watson SAYERS came from Keyingham, Yorkshire, England around 1852, b. 22 Jul 1827, d. 31 Jan 1904 in Ridgeville, OH, m. Martha TILDON b. 1824, d. 27 Nov 1868 in Ridgeville, OH. Both are buried in Fields Corners in Ridgeville, OH.

Judy Niskey Jan 2009


Looking for information on Peter SCHNEIDER b. 1798, d. 1851, and Barbara EMERICH b. 1811 d. 1871 family of Dover Center and Ridgeville area of Lorain County.

Judy Niskey Jan 2009


Would like more information on Frances ( Frank ) NISKEY, aka CZARNOWSKI, b. 1878 in Germany, d. 1943, m. Estelle BASH b. 1878 d. 1918 Lorain, OH. Looking for information on Frank's brother John NISKEY b. 1873 in Germany, d. 1942 Lorain, OH. Thank you.

Judy Niskey Jan 2009


looking for information on Agnes[DOYLE] HITCHENS who died in Lorain Ohio June 15 1988. Thank You.

Linda Doughan Jan 2009


I am looking to learn more about the origins of the Lathers Union Local 171 in Lorain County. My Grandfather, Winfield Scott LIMES, was highly active in Local 171 until his death in May of 1959. Thank you.

Linda Jean Limes Ellis Feb 2009


I am searching for the marriage license for Lida ( Lydia ) GAINES and John HULF Jr. m. 15 Sep 1888 and divorce records for the same, Divorced 30 Sep 1890. Also for the marriage license of Lida GAINES HULF to Cora MARSH m. 29 Feb 1892. Thank You.


I am seeking information on a Caroline Colby b. 1822 in Avon. Her parents were Benjamin Colby and Hannah Rowell. I can find no evidence of her birth, etc. Can you help? Thanks.

Mary Stanton 22 Mar 2009


For 20+ years I've been on a dead end regarding anything other than the marriage excerpt of John BRASIE and Julia BRENT, 11 Dec 1864, Elyria following the death of his wife Almira Lambert BRASIE in June of 1862. I think the name is actually BUNT, that I've been following a tyed transcription error from and old record. I find a Henry BUNT b. ca. 1830 NY m. to Julie BUNT b. ca. 1825 NY, living in Carlisle, Lorain Co., OH in 1860. Children listed in the household are: Mary, EMily, and Ambos. They would have been in Ohio by the time of Mary's birth ca. 1854. I find a Henry W. BUNT, Private, having served in the 102nd Regiment of that Infantry out of Mansfield. I wonder if Henry was one of the 262 casualties of that infantry and his widow marries my 3x Gr. Grandfather, John BRASIE. By 1870, there are no records of Julia BUNT or of the children that were listed in 1860. Is anyone researching this line or any ideas on how I can learn more regarding this LaGrange, LaPorte, Carlisle family? ( Brasie, Brazie, Brazee, Brasee)

Gail Hite 1 May 2009


Seeking info on Elisha SHELDON and Sallie PETERS of Penfield, son William L. SHELDON who married Mary Belle STARR, daughter of Matthew Lindsley STARR.

Susan Sheldon Russell June 2009


I'm trying to find the burial place of one of my relatives, Lawrence T. Daly. (1923 - 25 Oct 1974). I believe the family had a divorce occur, and the family members are somewhat scattered. The one living relative whom I'm in contact with does not know where he's buried, other than St. Mary's in Grafton. A search of their records did not produce his grave. All other Lawrence Dalys who are buried in Lorain County Cemeteries have been accounted for. Can someone please tell me the names of the funeral homes in Elyria in 1974. I know Lawrence was a vet of WWII, but I couldn't find a vet grave for him. Many Thanks.

Patricia 14 July 2009


Seeking any information on the Martin family of South Amherst, Ohio.

Christine 18 Aug 2009


Seeking any post-May, 1930 info on Charles A. SIBOLE (born 13 Nov., 1893 in Kalkaska MI), including date of death and burial location. Apparently was residing in Amherst Twp., Lorain County, OH on May 7, 1930 per US Census, Sheet No. 18-B. Parents were Henry Jackson SIBOLE and Luella (SNELL) SIBOLE.

Jack E. Brown 24 Aug 2009


I am seeking a marriage record for Bernardina BROMMELING BOOMS to John BERENDZEN.Bernardina and John appear in the 1880 Census for French Creek Village, Avon, Lorain County, ED 162. Ancestry has the surname indexed as BERENDGEN, but a close look at the image makes BERRENDZEN more likely. I also have seen the surname as BERENDSEN. The Herman and Henry Booms listed in this census are actually her grandsons, so they are step-grandsons to John, not stepsons as shown on the census page. Bernardina emigrated in August 1870 from Germany under her married name of BOOMS. The closest I can pin down the marriage date therefore is between August 1870 and 4 June 1880 [the day of the census]. She later moved to Michigan to be with other Booms relatives. If anyone can provide this marriage record I would appreciate it. I have looked for a researcher who might go to the Lorain County Justice Center in Elyria to search the marriage records microfilms there, but could not find one on the Lorain County Genealogical Society website. If there is some willing to do this, please have them contact me, with any fees involved. I have not found any FHL films for marriage records for Lorain County, and the Lorain County Justice Center will not accept mail or phone inquiries – research must be done in person. I have also searched the Cuyahoga County Marriage Records as other BOOMS family members lived there, with no success.

Marianne Szabo 6003 Anita St., Dallas, TX 75206, Sept 9, 2009


Where is: 25 acres of land being in Lot 26 in the southeast corner in Columbia Township, Lorain County, Ohio. 1835 it was own by Thomas Williams. It had been owned some time before by Levi Bronson. Then in "The Elyria Democrat" 14 Feb.1866 this was known as "The Ezekiel Olcott Farm" and 10 acres was sold by Lydia E. Olcott widow of Geo. Washington Olcott (GGFather). How did Lot 26 become the Ezekiel Olcott Farm? I am trying to trace Ezekiel Olcott. I know that Charity Williams, married Ezekiel. Was this Thomas Williams daughter? Next question is: I can not find any record of their deaths. Could they had been buried on the "Farm" or Lot 26? Thanks.

Richard J.Olcott Sept 11, 2009


Looking for information on the family Noah HOLCOMB 1750 - 1835, Noah HOLCOMB 1774 - 1853, Loami HOLCOMB 1774 - 1834, Benjamin PERSONS 1772 - 1860, Elizabeth PHILLIPS PERSONS 1771-?

Joellyn L. Pedota, Nov 24, 2009


I am searching for a marriage record for my Uncle Albert LIMES. His wife was Marie Weber DRUSENDAHL. They all were residents of Elyria. Marie was first married to Carlton P. DRUSENDAHL. I believe Albert and Marie married some time in the early to mid 1930's. Thank you.

Linda Jean Limes Ellis Nov 2009


Looking for information on JAMES FERRIS, JR & WIFE FLORINDA SMITH. They lived in Black River in the early 1800's. My gggrandfather HENRY HUDSON FERRIS was born in Amherst 28/April/1823 but moved to Union County. CHILEAB SMITH & NANCY (MARSHALL) are in my line as are REUBEN & PEARLY (FERRIS) ALLEN.

Terry Ferris Vaughan, Nov 2009


At the moment I am researching the SCANLAN family of Garraunboy, Killaloe, County Clare, Ireland. One of my ancestors Lillian SCANLAN marries Cuthbert McDERMOTT in Detroit, MI on 20 June 1917. Lillian was the daughter of John SCANLAN and Sarah SMYTH. She was born approx. 1882 and died approx. 1962. After their marriage Lillian and Cuthbert live in the city of Lorain, OH and in 1919 their two children, Joseph and Katherine, were born. Cuthbert McDERMOTT was born in England approx. 1884 and died on 29 Oct 1943 in Lorain, OH. He was buried in Calvary Cemetery on 2 Nov 1943. I would be very grateful for whatever information you could share with me about Cuthbert, Lillian and family and possible descendants.

Orla Kuiper-Ryan


I am looking for the death date and burial location for my GG-Grandmother, Diodonna Rosalia ( GRIFFITH ) RUNALS GOTT, b. abt. 1796, Pikr Twp., Allegany Co., N.Y. Diodonna ,. #1 Abner RUNALS ( 1789 - 1860 ) abt 1813 in Pike Co., N.Y., children were Eli G., Mary Ann. Abner A., Maria D., Susan M., John D., and Henry M. RUNALS, several of them living in Elyria and LaGrange after coming to Lorain County, Ohio ca. 1835 - 1840 with Diodonna and possibly Abner. Diodonna m. #2 David GOTT ( 1777 - 1861 ) 13 June 1842, LaGrange, OH. He died there 1861 and was buried in the LaGrange Cemetery next to his first wife, Lorinda ( BRAINARD ). Diodonna then seemed to disappear from the records. Where was she after David died in 1861? She would have been about 65 years old. Did she marry someone else? Any help would be very appreciated.

Barbara Kostelnicek


I am interested in substantiating immigration information for: John MILLER, b. 19 July 1839, m. 14 Feb 1860 to Magdalene WEBER, d. 14 July 1913, immigrated 1843 - 44, and his father also as John MILLER 1810 - 1891. Census records indicate that these MILLERs are from Bavaria. Futher information from " History of Holy Trinity 1833 - 1983, Avon, Ohio" indicated that some of the first German familes came from " Medelsheim, Rhein Bayern ( Bavaria). aat one time Bavaria must have governed Medelsheim which is close to the French-German border in Wester Germany near the Rhine River. Thank you.

Joan Kraft Dec 2009


I'm trying to locate an article, most likely in an Elyria newspaper prior to September 6, 1942. My father mentioned it in two of his WWll letters home, and it may provide me with a clue as to where in Ireland my ancestors came from. The men mentioned in the article would have been: Doug GERBER and Dick (Richard) DALY. The text from my father's letter read: "Doug GERBER's wife sent him a clipping about he and I being in Ireland. "In a 21 Sep 1942 letter my father wrote: "SIEFERT had GERBER and I in Ireland. If we were there we would be practically home according to the distance on the map." (Siefert may have written an article). Additional information in this letter mentioned a "Ringling Circus fire", and "a thug from Cleveland shooting up the local police force". All help and suggestions are deeply appreciated.

Patricia Daly-Zake Dec 2009


Seeking information on Lois POWERS who married Abner SQUIRES. Lois POWERS b. abt 1796 VT or CT, d. 1864 Carlisle Twp., Lorain Co., OH.

Deb Mohler Dec 2009


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