Abramoska to Baker
Abramoska, Harry A.
Abramoska, Hilda , nee Heider
Adams, Asenath, See Asenath Bivins
Adams, Gertrude
Adams, Hallie A.
Aiken, David Hanford
Aiken, Hannah, nee Porter
Aiken, Hattie, See Hattie Leslie
Aiken, Irad
Aiken, Ruby, nee Rogers
Aiken, William Hanford
Allen, Edith
Alten, Irene G., See Irene G. Laubenthal
Altmiller, Phillip H.
Andress, Mary, nee Myers
Andrews, Margaret E.
Angersbach, Geroge P.
Angersbach, Walter Howard
Antolik, John J.
Antolik, Pauline M., nee Winson
Archer, Christine, See Christine Dague
Arden, Dale
Arndt, Henry Francis
Arndt, Thelma L., See Thelma L. Dellefield
Auer, Verena, See Verna Diederich
Augell, Lucille Agnes, See Lucille Agnes Laux
Bachman, Anna, See Anna Barry
Bachman, Conrad
Bachman, Elizabeth, nee Ferber
Bailey, Nina, See Nina Browand
Baker, (little girl)
Baker, Charles
Baker, Dale H.
Baker, Harold H.
Baker, Minnie, nee Hennings
Baker, Regina , nee Strehle


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