Eckenfels to Gawn
Eckenfels, Ernestine, see Ernestine Gutzeit
Eckenfels, Florence L., nee Terns
Eckenfels, Joesphine L., see Josephine L. Perryman
Eckenfels, Joseph H.
Eibner, Esther Mae, nee Bryant
Ely, Herman/a>
Emerich, Ada Isabelle, nee Knipper
Emerick, Toletha L., see Toletha L. Starvas
Eppley, Ethel E.
Ernst, Alice K.
Erskine, Gus
Eschtruth, Anna Katherine, nee Dute
Eschtruth, Martha L., see Martha L. Dute
Eschtruth, Mary, see Mary Dute
Eskins, Daysie Mae, see Daysie Mae Taft
Essex, Jessie B., nee Rose
Essex, Myrtle Edna
Estavanko, Pauline, see Pauline Rado
Esterbrook, Dorothy, see Dorothy Benton
Evans, Jeremiah
Farr, Lorette, see Lorette Dumas
Farra, Daisy
Farthing, T. S.
Ferber, Elizabeth, see Elizabeth Bachman
Finegan, Helen L., see Helen L. Lee
Fish, Kathleen Ellen, nee Myers
Fitch, Catherine, nee Doyle
Fitch, Keith
Fitch, Theodore W.
Flock, Catherine G., nee Minnich
Foley, David
Foley, Julia, nee Callahan
Fowl, Leonard
Fowls, Philip
Fritz, Emma M.
Galdauf, Harold J.
Garman, Lemoyne E.
Garman, Lena Mae, nee Dague
Gates, Cyril A.
Gates, Gertrude, see Gertrude Simko
Gates, Gerves P.
Gates, Lawrence
Gates, Margaret, see Margaret Thompson
Gates, Mary, see Mary Heider
Gates, William
Gawn, Harry


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