Laubenthal to Lyon
Laubenthal, Amelia
Laubenthal, Arnold M.
Laubenthal, Carol J., , see Carol J. Bender
Laubenthal, Delphine M., nee Wearsch
Laubenthal, Evelyn, see Evelyn Pustay
Laubenthal, Irene G., nee Alten
Laubenthal, Joseph
Laubenthal, Otto C.
Laubenthal, Rubert J.
Laubenthal, Sylvia E.
Laundon, Elizabeth
Laux, Julia, see Julia Marshall
Laux, Lucille Agnes, nee Augell
Laux, Mrs.
Law, Emma, see Emma Root
Lawson, Leona L., see Leona L. Mennell
Lechowicz, Francis, see Francis Brosky
Lee, Helen L., nee Finegan
Leiby, Kermit M.
Lieininger, Daniel Ray
Leininger, Dewey G.
Leininger, Pearl, nee Schroeder
Lent, John D.
Lepkowski, Mary
Lescher, Agnes
Lescher, Cora Lescher, Edith
Lescher, Frank
Lescher, Iris, see Iris Brotherton
Leslie, Gilbert Dewitt
Leslie, Hattie, nee Aiken
Leslie, Ulyssa, see Ulyssa Brandt
Linden, Anton
Linden, Antone J.
Linden, Catherine C., nee Ternes
Linden, Clara Jane, nee Pitts
Linden, Chris
Linden, Elizabeth
Linden, Henry P.
Linden, Peter
Linden, Robert J.
Lindsey, Janet, nee Barry
Lockwood, Fannie, nee Harrington
Long, Rosanna, see Rosanna Smith
Long, William H.
Lorenske, Mary, see Mary Reichert
Louisa, Joan C., nee Dague
Lyndes, Olive M., see Olive M. Turner
Lyon, Etta, see Etta Harris


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