Mahl to Miller
Mahl, Alma, nee Diederich
Mahl, Margaret E., nee Chorba
Mahl, Margaret J.
Mahoney, Catherine, see Catherine Diederich
Malinovsky, Theodore W.
Mant, S.
Marilla, Fannie, see Fannie Proctor
Maringer, Josephine L., nee Schneider
Maringer, Matt
Maringer, Ralph H.
Marlett, (child), or Marlott
Marshall, Julia, nee Laux
Marshall, Marijane Molly
Marshall, Robert
Martin Jr., John
McCahon, O. Robert
McCahon, Orrin R.
McCartny, Corrine, nee Knipper
McCarty, Mrs. E. P.
McCormick, Blodwin Kovatch, nee Davies
McCreedy, Frank P.
McDermott, Henry
McDermott, Peter
McDonald, Sadie, see Sadie Porter
McIntire, Hallie Mae
McKitrick, Jean R., nee Harold
McLaughlin, Sarah, see Sarah Schmehl
McPherson, Harriet
McUrry, Elizabeth, see Elizabeth Porter
McVeigh, Harold
Melin, Jane
Menges, Edward H.
Mennell, Elizabeth, nee Welburn/Wellborn
Mennell, Jay L.
Mennell, Julia
Mennell, Lee D.
Mennell, Leona L., nee Lawson
Mennell, Treva
Merle, Leota Mae, nee Grundy
Mertz, Elizabeth, see Elizabeth Dute
Mezurek, Catherine, see Catherine Grospitch
Miglets, Beth Marie
Milis, Jesse
Millard, Sarah Ann, see Sarah Ann Gilson
Miller, Dwight
Miller, Elizabeth, see Elizabeth Dute
Miller, Laurie M.
Miller, Nathan
Miller, Norman L.
Miller, Wesley D.


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