Mills to Myers
Mills, Richard
Minnich, Aloysius
Minnich, Anthony
Minnich, Anthony Peter
Minnich, Catherine G., see Catherine G. Flock
Minnich, Connie I., nee Walker
Minnich, Connie J.
Minnich, Edith, see Edith Smith
Minnich, Joseph John
Minnich, Katherine, see Katherine Schuster
Minnich, Mathias
Mittendorf, Ruth V., nee Krugman
Mittinger, Margreth, nee Diederich
Moir, James
Mollison, Elizabeth J., see Elizabeth J. Dute
Moore, Charles C.
Moore, Eunice
Moore, Nellie Yolland, nee Bryant
Moore, Winnie, nee Bryant
Moran, Laurie
Moran, Tracey Lynn, see Tracey Lynn Cooksey
Morehouse, (infant)
Morgan, Harry Neil
Moulder, Leonard D.
Murawski, Edward W.
Myers, Dorothy E., nee Baldaul
Myers, Dorothy L.
Myers, Eleanor J., nee Wysocki
Myers, Elizabeth, see Elizabeth Hordwell
Myers, George
Myers, Gergrude M., see Gertrude M. Stiegerwald
Myers, Hattie, nee Wensink
Myers, Hilda R., see Hilda R. Scheidler
Myers, Irvin W.
Myers, Julia Anna, see Julia Anna Youngblood
Myers, Kathleen Ellen, see Kathleen Ellen Fish
Myers, Kathryn, see Kathryn Diederich
Myers, L. John
Myers, Leona A., see Leona A. Rundle
Myers, Margie Ann, see Margie Ann Crocker
Myers, Marilyn G., see Marilyn G. Joviak
Myers, Mary, see Mary Andress
Myers, Mathias J.
Myers, Mrs.
Myers, Ruth A., see Ruth A. Schaefer
Myers, Verena A., nee Diederich


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