Nalley to Pomeroy
Nalley, Leone M.
Nalley, Leone N. Becker
Neitling, Mary H., see Mary H. Bolf
Nelson, Lizze G.
Nesbitt, John
Niepert, Jeanne L., see Jeanne L. Dolch
Niepert, Leona F., nee Smith
Niepert, Ralph R.
Norton, Ruby McDowell, see Ruby McDowell Dague
Nowell, John K.
Nutting, Grace A., see Grace A. Billinghurst
O'Conner, Marie F., nee Ursem
O'Connor, Gerald J.
O'Connor, Marie, nee Ursem
Ortner, Jane Becker
Oslovcan, Agnes H., see Agnes H. Ternes
Packard, Mrs. R. W.
Painter, Dorothy H.
Parker, Dr. J. E.
Parker, Lillian P., see Lillian P. Weber
Parsch, Katie F.
Pauly, Catherine, see Catherine Diederich
Peck, Ana Averil
Pelton, Clara M., see Clara M. Dague
Pember, Ella E., see Ella E. Dute
Perkins, Hattie
Perkins, Orpha Ettie
Perrin, Joe
Perryman, Josephine L., nee Eckenfels
Peterson, Julia
Pfeiffer, Charles William
Pickering, Robert
Pillivant, Linda Diane
Piper, Florence Jennie, see Florence Jennie Hull
Pitts, Aurelia Helen, see Aurelia Helen Diederich
Pitts, Charles J.
Pitts, Clara Jane, see Clara Jane Linden
Pitts, Emma, nee Myers
Pitts, Mathias
Pitts, Olga, nee Sheak
Platten, Anne Mary, see Anne Mary Diederich
Pomeroy, Dr. John Wilson
Pomeroy, Lena, nee Bayless


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