Bakos to Beal

Bakos, Helen
Balcomb, Charles
Balcomb, Rhoda, See Rhoda Boughton
Baldaud, Dorothy E., See Dorothy E. Myers
Baldauf, Harold
Baldaul, Dorothy E., See Dorothy Myers
Baldwin, Daniel T.
Baldwin, Margaret E.
Baldwin, Philura
Baldwin, Samuel O.
Barchard, William
Barnes, Celia E., See Celia E. Remaklus
Barres Sr., Adam
Barres, Joseph
Barres Jr., Adam
Barry, Anna, Bachman
Barry, Janet, See Janet Lindsey
Barry, Raymond
Bartholomew, Mrs. George
Bassett, George N.
Bates, Alfred
Bates, Alfred M.
Bates, Amanda, nee Carter
Bates, Daniel
Bates, Grace
Bates, Harold S.
Bates, Hazel
Bates, Rachel
Battenhouse, Philip
Battle, Mina
Bayless, Charles Henry
Bayless, Elizabeth, nee Dent
Bayless, Lena, See Lena Pomeroy
Beal, Hazel R., See Hazel R. Dague


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