Reynolds to Schneider
Reynolds, Nelson
Richards, Cassie Eunice
Richards, Charles Amos
Richmond, Freeman
Rice, John
Rippon, Elizabeth E., see Elizabeth E. Danzey
Robinson, Geraldine Marie, see Geraldine Marie Becker
Rodriguez, Santos, nee Diaz-Torres
Roe, Merlin
Rogers, Alonzo
Rogers, Glen A.
Rogers, Lura
Rogers, Patricia, see Patricia Wickard
Rogers, Ruby, see Ruby Aiken
Rogers, W. J.
Ronnie, Mrs.
Root, Emma, nee Law
Root, Ruth, see Ruth Hammer
Rose, Capt. Walter
Rose, Jessie B., see Jessie B. Essex
Rose, Louisa, nee Lamb
Roseleen, Sr. Mary, see Cecila Diederich
Rothgery, Alice L., see Alice L. Bott Weber
Rothgery, Sylvester
Rugg, David
Rundle, Grant A.
Rundle, Leona A., nee Myers
Ryan, Clyde
Sabin, Anna, nee Gilson
Sanders, Cora B.
Sanders, Hedwig
Sanislow, Richard Wesley
Schaefer, Ruth A., nee Welter, Myers
Schafer, Anna, see Anna Hales
Scheidler, Hilda R., nee Myers
Schenk, Florence Marie
Schmehl, Sarah, nee McLaughlin
Schmidkons, Virginia, see Virginia Jones
Schneider, Josephine L., see Josephine L. Maringer
Schneider, Regina L., see Regina L. Dea


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