Shroder to Smith
Spaeth, John
Spencer, C. E.
Springer, Nellie, see Nellie Krohm
Squire, Frances S.
Squires, Emily A., see Emily A. Thorp
Squires, Isaac
Stable, Martin
Standen, Eva
Stanfield, Leota May, nee Cooley
Stark, John
Starkey, Harold
Starr, George R.
Starvas, Toletha L., nee Emerick
Steigerwald, George J.
Steigerwald, Gertrude M., nee Myers
Stevenson, Jean G., see Jean G. Dellefield
Stolzenburg, Ruth N., nee Vogler
Storm, Bessie D.
Stoskopf, Jean G., nee Myers
Stoskopf, Wilson
Strausser, Edith, nee Dumas
Strehle, Regina, see Regina Baker
Strick, Walter J.
Strohmeier, M. Isidore
Strothers, Mable L., see Mable L. Vogler
Suhanic, Dorothy G., nee Smith
Suhanic, John A.
Sullivan, Harold J.
Sweet, Eva, nee Boughton
Taft, Asa B.
Taft, Daysie Mae, nee Eskins
Takacs, Robert S.
Talbot, Alexander J.
Tara, Margaret G.
Taylor, Arthur B.
Taylor, Mary, see Mary Diederich
Telzerow, Beverly J.
Temme, William
Ternes, Agnes H., nee Oslovcan
Ternes, Catherine C., see Catherine C. Linden
Ternes, Florence Lydia, see Florence Lydia Eckenfels
Ternes, Harold C.
Ternes, Martina, nee Diederich


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