Bott-Weber to Brothers

Bott-Weber, Alice L., nee Rothgery
Boughton, Alice, nee Dumas
Boughton, Ed
Boughton, Eva, see Eva Sweet
Boughton, Florence, see Florence Brazee
Boughton, Helen, nee Kosztyu
Boughton, Herbert R.
Boughton, Jonas
Boughton, Lawrence
Boughton, Lou
Boughton, Lucius
Boughton, Rex
Boughton, Rhoda, nee Balcomb
Bovia Anna L.
Bowen Clara Marie, nee Dague
Bowen Maxine Clair, nee Dague
Boynton, Thomas J.
Bradley, Donald L.
Bradley, John T.
Bradley, Margaret, nee Smith
Bradley, Ruth A., see Ruth A. Kline
Braman, Emeline
Brandt, Ulyssa, nee Leslie
Braun, Ada F., nee Dute
Brazee, Florence, nee Boughton
Brehany, Eward F. "Ted"
Bridges, Rhea Irene, nee Dague
Brill, Goldie Barber, nee Bogart
Broski, Joseph (Brzezinski)
Broski, Stanley (Brzezinski)
Brosky, Francis, nee Lechowicz
Brosky, Lillian A., see Lillian A. Beckler
Brosky, Merlin
Brosky, Paul A.
Brothers, Esther Marie, see Esther Marie Bement
Brotherton,Iris, nee Lescher


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