Brouse to Childs

Brouse, Clara Martha, nee Bryant
Brouse, Donald L.
Brouse, Florence L., see Florence L. Dirlam
Brouse, Harvey
Brouse, Ray M.
Brouse, Wesley
Browand, Arleigh J.
Browand, Chester Blake
Browand, Lynden
Browand, Nina, nee Bailey
Brown, A.
Brown Henry Francis
Brown, Mamie, nee Douglas
Brown, Mary A., see Mary A. Diederich
Brown, Raymond D.
Bryant, Clara Martha, see Clara Martha Brouse
Bryant, Esther Mae, see Esther Mae Eibner
Bryant, Nellie Yolland, see Nellie Yolland Moore
Bryant, Winnie, see Winnie Moore
Brzezinski, Stanley
Buchanan, John
Buchs, Keith
Burak, Catherine Agnes, see Catherine Agnes Lalonde
Burgett, Christopher
Burke, Isabela
Burmeister, Frederick L.
Burnett, Isabella
Burns, Geraldine S., nee Smith
Burns, Richard A.
Burrell, Frankie
Burrell, Isaac
Burrer, Emma Louise
Callahan, Julia, see Julia Foley
Campbell, Mary Ann
Carpenter, June Marie, see June Marie Howard
Carter, Amanda, see Amanda Bates
Chadderton, Mary Ann, see Mary Ann Wood
Chapman, DeEtte
Chapman, L. H.
Chapman, Rev. O. A.
Childs, Mrs. John


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