Chorba to Cyprus
Chorba, Margaret E., see Margaret E. Mahl
Christensen, Svend
Clark, Mrs. Orison
Coates, Harold S.
Coates, Nelie J.
Coleman, Belle, see Belle Dague
Collard, Cora Mae, see Cora Mae Porter
Colley, Leota May, see Leota May Stanfield
Collins, Daphne B.
Conley, Ray W.
Conrad, Christine Ann, see Christine Ann Gerhart
Conrad, Lena, nee Reichert
Conrad, William
Cook, Alice M.
Cook, Harriet Jean, see Harriet Jean Coven
Cook, Martha
Cook II, David
Cooksey, Tracey Lynn, nee Moran
Cotter, Miriam
Coven, Charles
Coven, Harriet Jean, nee Cook
Coven, Lena C.
Coven, Wendall R.
Coward Sr., Hoyle K.
Crafts, (Newborn)
Crandall, Burton K.
Crandall, Robert S.
Crandall, Stanley F.
Crocker, Margie Ann, nee Myers
Crocker, Ruth Story
Cullins, Nelda
Cumpston, Rosie Lee
Cunningham, Alva
Currans, William
Cutzeit, Ernestine R.
Cyprus, Elizabeth
Cyprus, Helene Barbara, see Helene B. Weber
Cyprus, Richard John


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