The following has been transcribed for the Internet in January of 2004 by Sue Simonich, with permission from Dorothy Painter, the author, for the Lorain County Genealogical Society. Margaret Cheney, Chapter President

This record was originally extracted by Wm. N. Briggs, from Lorain County Court House records and published in the Elyria Independent Democrat Newspaper as a serial piece. The goal was to list all the early pioneering people of Lorain County.

Dorothy Painter compiled the following list from the newspaper record in to a document listing the residents of each town in Lorain County. The entries are not alphabetical. The original paper compiled by Painter also had an index listing each persons name and location – this feature is not reproduced here.


AN OLD RECORD – "We have before us a document exhumed from the old records in the court House, by Wm. N. Briggs, containing the names of the white male inhabitants in each township in Lorain County in 1827. The assessment was taken by John Pearson, who certifies it to be correct.

"We propose to publish the entire list, as a matter of public interest. It will be seen that there are but few now living in any of the townships who resided there forty-six years ago. The list will be continued through several issues. At that time Black River was the most populous township in the county (it included Amherst Township). The number in Elyria was only 80, while Black River had 114."

Compiled by Dorothy Painter 1975; From the Elyria Independent Democrat Newspaper 1873

Black River (and Amherst)4

Elyria Independent Democrat9 July 1873
Joseph SwiftNathan E. SwiftTruman HolcombLeonard Bradley
Zelotis HolcombRobert W. BettsJohn MooreJames Newbury
Jacob AnnisSolomon KetchumElisha PearsonJoseph Scott
Therot PearsonCharles BlodgetTruman TrlonJonathan Hosford
Seth MorseNathaniel HosfordGeorge F. JamesEdward Parkerst
Elisha PeckSylvester BarnumSamuel AndrewsWalter Crocker
Rodney AndrewsJames EwingsGrandison FairchildsWilliam Alverson
Alfred H. BettsSolomon WhittlesyDaniel PerryRansler Cooly
Harvy A. PerryMoses B. CoolyGeorge BaconStephen James
Benjamin BaconLevi ShepardGeorge Bacon Jr.Ezekiel L. Goodrich
Alva CurticeJudah D. HartEnos CoolyAbraham Babcock
Elisha MorseLiman BarnumJoseph DavisHarry Hart
Leeds M. HewetThomas SlySheldin BoothGeorge Wells
Joseph KetchumJohn GranumEbenezer JonesWm Vandoson
Samuel SandersSheldon JonsonDavid Hitchcock

Black River (and Amherst)
Frederick OnstineJohnston RayJohn OnstineJoseph Ray
Daniel OnstineAgustus JonesFrederick OnstineHarry Brooks
George OnstineNathan EdsonHenry OnstineWm. Edson
Henry WalkerWm. MartinJoseph QuigleyHugh Martin
Nicholas StantonEnoch MourdockStephen GunnElisha Mourdock
Amasa TaftJoseph Barney_______ DavisEdmond Gillmore
Christopher ClayAlanson GillmoreHenry NottageQuartus Gillmore
Aretus GillmoreStanton SholesJacob ShupeDaniel T. Baldwin
Henry KendeighJohn S. ReidJohn KendeighConrad Reid
Eber SwartwoodJoseph P. PatisonRichard TillostsonDavid Stone
Stephen BakerElias PeabodyJosiah HarrisRuben Webb
Hiram Messenger_______ LambertGeorge GoodealStephen N. Johnson
John Steel/td>Abraham RiceCalib OrmsbyPeter Rice
Asahel ChapmanCharles KingJohn BarnyRovert (Robert?) Traverse
Eleaszer Van DueserElijah SandersonRoswell CrockerJonas Stratton
Wm. RichmondAddison TracyFreman RichmondEliph Redington
Ezekiel G. BarnesJohn MainsEzekiel BarnesHarry Redington
Royal BarnetEzekiel CrandaShadraik N. MooreAsahel Crandal
Daniel G. WhitonJames FerryThompson BlairSimeon D. Carter
Henry BlairWarren SmithJoseph AyresDavid Smith
Leonard JohnsonChileab SmithGeorge O. WilliamsWm. Carter
Sereno Norton_______Johnson Salmon?Daniel Cornwell_______ Paurvr
Elisha FosterSardius BarnsElisha Foster J.Philip Onstine
Isaac CrawfordJohn ClayAbra’m CrawfordSilvester Smith
Eleazer CrawfordJames MainsE. Crawford J.Siman Gillmore
Samuel GilbertWm JonesJesse SmithOrlando Crandal
Isaac WallisForrist FerrisEli WallisHenry Ferris
Archibald Foster________SeleyRalph LyonsTruman Gillmore
George KelsoReuben Allen  


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