1900 Century Park - Lorain

1905 Oberlin Square (Panoramic View)

1906 St. Joseph Hospital - Lorain

1906 Lorain Fire Engine Test

1906 Oberlin Square (Panoramic View)

1907-09 Amherst Town Hall

1908 Lorain Pump Station

1908 Penfield Avenue Savings Bank - Lorain

1908 Wellington Square

1908 Court St., Elyria, OH

1908 Washington Avenue Apartments

1908 West Avenue

1908 Washington Avenue Bridge

1909 National Stove Works - Lorain

1909 Oberlin Water Works

1910 Elyria Hospital

1910 Erie Ave Viaduct

1910 Grafton Street Scene

1910 Old Ladies Home in Elyria

1910 Train Station

1910 West Broad St

1911 Grafton Viaduct Pump

1912 Wellington looking North

1914 Ackerman Hill in Amherst

1915 American Shipbuilding Yards, Lorain, Ohio

1915 Elyria Memorial Hospital and McKinley School

1916 Cheapside; From 2nd St to Broad St in Elyria

1920 Wellington High School

1923 Broadway in Lorain

1924 State Theatre, After the tornado

1944 Elyria Country Club

Downtown Amherst

A Scene of Old Amherst

American Ship Building Dry Dock

New B & O Coal Docks in Action

Broad Street Looking West toward Elyria City Park

Country Club House Elyria, Ohio

Interior No. 1 Jury Room, Elyria Courthouse

Cottesbrook Dam

DeFoote Hotel, Wellington, OH

Elyria Memorial Hospital

Elyria City Park

French Creek, Lorain County, Ohio

Lorain Harbor

Old County Jail, 3rd and Middle Ave in Elyria

The Tug Harvey D. Goulder

Birdseye View Broadway, Lorain, O

A Busy Day on the Black River, Lorain, O

The Lorain Block, Lorain, O; NW corner of 4th & Broadway

No. 1 Hook and Ladder Co., Lorain, O

At the Loop, Lorain, O

Erie Ave Bridge and Viaduct, Lorain, O

Funeral of Geo. Wickens Procession on Bank Street, Lorain, O

A Birds Eye View, Lorain, O

City Hall, Lorain, O., West Erie Ave

Universal Engine to Be Tested at Lorain, O

Soldiers Monument & Fountain, Lorain, O., Now Veterans Park

Broadway at Night, Lorain, O

LFD No. 1 With Motor Truck, Lorain, O

No. 1 Hose Co. LFD, Lorain, O

Lorain County Jail

Lorain Elementary School

St. Mary's Church, Lorain, Ohio

Mill Dam

Masonic Temple

Old Water Works - Elyria, OH

First Baptrist Church of Columbia (Station), OH

St. Joseph Hospital

Washington Ave Elyria

Washington Ave. Bridge

West Ave. School

Washington Ave., Elyria

Wellington Public Square looking South

Wellington Opera House

Wellington West of the Square

Elyria Ohio, YWCA




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